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Here Are Some Games And Activity Books To Print
Board Games - Completely printable
Features: Complete games with boards, pieces and directions that you can cut out, create and play.
Battleship: Battleship Game #1: 1 Page
  Battleship Game #2: 1 Page
Chess: Complete Chess Game: 10 Pages Total
Leap Froggin' Leap Froggin' Board Game: 6 Pages
Mouse: Mouse Playable Board
Shrek - Forever After Board Game: Shrek Forever After: 7 pages

Bingo Print and Play Games - Fun for the Car!
Handy Manny Car-Trip Bingo:

Print these pages and take them along for the ride! Identify the pictures on the page by looking out the window of the car. A great way to pass the time on a long trip.
Handy Manny Bingo: Handy Manny Car-Trip Bingo: 4 Pages
Handy Manny Matching Game: Handy Manny Matching Game
Summertime Bingo: Summertime Bingo Game: 4 Pages

One Page Games!
Dots and Squares: Beginning / Quick Play Dots and Squares
  Advanced / Longer Play Dots and Squares
Kung-Fu Panda Tangram: Directions and Puzzle: 2 Pages
Search and Find Games: Scavenger Hunt - Beach Pic
  Pirate Diamond Hunt
Tic Tac Toe Boards: Surf and Turf Tic-Tac-Toe

Spot The Differences - Seek and Find
Features: Two pics to find the differences between.
Fourth of July I-Spy: I-Spy Page
Summertime Theme : Summertime Theme
Train Your Dragon: Train Your Dragon #1
  Train Your Dragon #2
  Train Your Dragon #3

Word Matches, Word Scrambles and Word Searches
Word Matches: Summertime #1
Word Scrambles: Summertime #1
Word Searches: Easter #1
  Fourth of July #1


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